In an immersive 360-degree narrative, women in, around, adjacent to and outside of architecture tell their personal stories as they have never been told on film. The film features perspectives from nearly 70 interview subjects who reveal their quiet, game-changing works, illustrating their undeniable roles as the glue of the Los Angeles design community, the architects of our culture. The architecture community is more diverse, effective and nuanced than perceived. Architects are reclaiming some social capital by expanding their toolkits. They are crossing disciplinary boundaries, taking alternative approaches, and recalibrating their agency. Architecturally trained women have ALWAYS created their own relevance, by inclination and by necessity. The proposed film: “PRACTITIONERS”, unpacks the dimensions of women’s multi-disciplinary stories in the context of the greater design community and architecture culture. In their own words, they candidly describe their uniquely personal navigations through the profession in all its diversities.