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Interdisciplinary analysis of architecture and interior design in the contexts of contemporary culture: In drawing from anthropology, psychology and human geography, and thinking beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture, we build an understanding of the interrelation of cognitive dynamics, and their effect on the inhabitants of interior spaces. Through ethnographic research, via cognitive and human behavioral mapping by means of time-lapse photography, we observe and analyze the psychological responses to space, producing empirical data and theories, generating hypotheses that inform design more effectively and sensitively. Design is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, and we explore how these shifts in paradigms transform design pedagogy and practice. Approaching design through the filters of culture, human behavior and materiality, THE FABRIC’S work swings towards the sensorial, narrative and experimental phenomena of space. This work extends to materials analysis, considering material characteristics, costs, uses, and effects on human health. We employ an instrumental methodology for space formation, questioning the notion of surface manipulation as an oppositional tool for the design of space, reminding us of the power of materiality to invoke affect. This analysis informs design value, articulating meaning & activating sensory responses; integrating, rather than applying the selection of materials as a didactic tool, early in the design process; and marrying design intention with material quality, holistically. With the generation of new materials, newly discovered uses for existing materials, and the transformative necessity of environmentally sensitive materials going from “green” to mainstream, THE FABRIC can chart a material’s life-cycle-process, seeking to preserve the economic wellbeing of our community, and reduce repercussions on the environment via buying local whenever possible.